How Smoking Affects Your Health and Tips to Quit Smoking

Everybody emphasises a nutritious diet, but nobody talks about a healthy lifestyle when it comes to maintaining health. Just having a nutritious diet is not enough to stay fit. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Smoking is injurious to health.

Cigarettes packs come with this advisory on them, but you still prefer smoking. For most of them, it has become swag, but on the other hand, you are playing with your life.

Most of the people get into the habit of smoking because of peer pressure. Well, whatever the reason you got into the habit of smoking, you should take the pledge now to quit it.

How does smoking affect you?

Smoking is a popular cause of cardiovascular problems. Whether you smoke cigarettes with tobacco or e-cigarettes, both are injurious to your delicate heart. A muscle constantly slogs out to pump blood to supply it to all body organs.

It provides your body with oxygenated blood and nutrients. Smoking clogs tobacco in your blood vessels. It can disrupt the lining of arteries and cause inflammation. Since tobacco is clogged in blood vessels, it reduces blood flow to the heart that results in a heart attack.

This is why you are recommended not to smoke. By quitting smoking, you can reduce the amount of tobacco stored in your vessels, and you will feel better.

How to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is undoubtedly complicated because you are addicted to it. As you quit, you start to feel withdrawal symptoms like headaches and weight gain.

It can be challenging to bear these withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, you should follow the following tips if you are serious about quitting smoking:

  • Be determined

You may have tried to quit smoking, but you must have got failed to stick to your goal. Every time you try to quit smoking, every time you fail.

As a result, you stop making an effort. First of all, you need to make yourself realise that you can quit. It will be best if you do not lose hope.

Try to maintain positive thinking. Be determines and motivate yourself that you can do it. You should make a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking. If you have reasons on paper, you will feel more encouraged to quit smoking and take it seriously.

  • Look into your diet

A diet plays a crucial role to help you quit smoking. If you love smoking after dinner, you should be extra careful about what you are eating. Studies have revealed that some food items, including meat, make cigarettes more satisfying.

If you drink alcohol, you will more likely be tempted to smoke. This is why you should avoid drinking and eating meat. Fruits and vegetables, including cheese, make the taste of cigarettes more terrible. This is why you should choose a veggie pizza instead of a steak or chicken burger.

  • Divert your mind

Since you are addicted to smoking, you will feel hankering for cigarettes at the same time every day. For instance, if you smoke right after having dinner, your hand will automatically go into your pocket to take the cigarette pack out.

To avoid this problem, you should divert your mind. For instance, you should straight away go to the kitchen and do dishes, or you should take a stroll down in the garden with your partner and chit chat. These are effective techniques to help you divert your mind.

  • Take a deep breath

Most of the people do not believe that deep breathing can help you calm down anxiety. If you are being tempted to smoke, you should take deep breathing.

Inhale and exhale deeply. When you take a deep breath, your mind concentrates on your breathing, and it automatically diverts from craving cigarettes. Try to do meditation every day. This will surely help you overcome your addiction.

  • Make a 5-minute strategy

Experts have discovered that when you feel the craving for smoking, it lasts until five minutes. This is why you should have a five-minute strategy to overcome your addiction.

If you are with your friends or at the party or at the bar, you should immediately go out when you start feeling hankering for smoking.

The best way is to talk to a family member at that time to divert your mind. The purpose of the five-minute strategy is to divert your mind until the craving lets up or disappears.

  • Understand the triggers

If you want to quit smoking seriously, you should identify triggers. There can be a lot of triggers. For instance, you can feel the temptation when you are with your friends or when you drink alcohol, or you are getting bored. Identifying such triggers is intrinsic to get rid of smoking. Next time you can avoid being caught in such situations.

  • Get support

You may need someone who can encourage and support you throughout your “smoking quit” journey. You can be in touch with someone from your family or in connection with a non-smoker friend.

If that is not enough, you should seek support from local services that help people with quitting smoking. You can also join a community of people who are helping smokers to get rid of it.

  • Do exercise

You should do exercise to quit smoking. Experts have revealed that exercise cuts the longing for smoking. It improves your blood glucose and blood pressure that results in the uplifting of your mood. You will feel positive and motivated. Apart from it, exercise helps the brain release anti-craving chemicals.

The bottom line

Smoking can badly affect your health. Before you catch any serious illnesses and end up funding your medical bills with quick loans in Ireland, you should make a strategy to quit smoking.

It can be tough to get rid of it instantly, but you can achieve your goal by sticking to your plan. Stay positive, motivated and encouraged.

Depending on your body’s response to your quitting plan, you can take weeks to months. By following the tips mentioned above, you can easily quit smoking and avoid funding medical treatments with money from loan agencies in Ireland.

So, as mentioned earlier, which of the techniques you are about to follow in quitting smoking?

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