Tips against mosquitoes in the House


Remove standing water puddles in and around the house and cover the rain barrel: these are notorious mosquito breeding grounds.


Attract natural enemies of mosquito larvae to your garden pond by ensuring sufficient planting.


Keep mosquitoes out with screens and off your body with a mosquito net.


Mosquitoes are attracted to body odor, not light. Turning off the light makes little sense. Also beeps and a fan does not work against mosquitoes. Opinions are divided about mosquito lamps.

Only females sting

Did you know that there are 35 mosquito species in the Netherlands? Only a small part of this causes nuisance at home. Only the female’s sting: they need the blood to mature their eggs. They lay the eggs in standing water, where the larvae can grow up undisturbed. If you are bothered by mosquitoes, it often means that there are ponds or puddles nearby. But a saucer with water in the garden or gutter that contains water can also be the culprit.

Big mosquito is not Asian

The common mosquito is the best known and most annoying mosquito. The large mosquito is confused with the Asian tiger mosquito, but it is not exotic and does not transmit any diseases.

Asian tiger mosquito on skin.  Large mosquito is not Asian.

Asian tiger mosquito

Why are you always getting stabbed?

Mosquitoes are attracted to your breath (carbon dioxide) and the odorants you secrete. These substances differ from person to person. As a result, some people are more bothered by mosquitoes than others.

Deceive the mosquito

A mosquito can track you up to 30 meters away through your body odor and the carbon dioxide from your breath! When she is close to your body, she switches to heat detection to know exactly where she will sting. Deception is therefore your most important weapon. Apply scents that are unappealing to mosquitoes.

Preventing mosquito infestation

If you are bothered by mosquitoes, look for standing water nearby. This can be your own garden pond or rain barrel, but also a clogged gutter or flower box containing water. Indoors, layers of water can sometimes be found in drains, crawl spaces or flower boxes.

Delete the source

Measures are fairly simple: cover the rain barrel, unclog a clogged gutter and remove layers of water in the house and garden. If you put enough plants in your natural garden pond, it will attract the enemies of mosquitoes (larvae), such as frogs, salamanders, and dragonfly larvae. Fish also like to eat mosquito larvae.

Keeping Mosquitoes Out

You can keep mosquitoes out with screens on windows and outside doors. Turning on the air conditioning or fan makes no sense. Mosquitoes would not like wind or cold, and would not land with a running fan. But that’s nonsense: a hungry mosquito will land if necessary against a headwind. And whether bright light stops mosquitoes and UV light attract them is unclear. In any case, the ‘anti-mosquito apps or devices that emit ultrasonic sounds to repel mosquitoes do not work.

Mosquito net over your bed

If the mosquitoes do enter, you increase the chance of an undisturbed night’s sleep if you hang a good mosquito net of fine mesh over the bed. Such a mosquito net does not need to be impregnated in the Netherlands: that is only necessary in (tropical) areas where mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as malaria and dengue. Little research has been done into the effect of candles, fragrance spirals, and plugs with citronella. Experiences vary, but citronella is not approved against mosquitoes, so it is preferable to use an effective and authorized agent.

Which anti-mosquito agents?

There are several types of mosquito repellent on the market: stuff that you put on your skin, electric vaporizers, poisons to treat surfaces and aerosols for rooms in your home. Only buy products with permission from the Club and if the ingredients are not listed: do not buy. Read here how and why. Below are several substances that you can encounter in mosquito repellent with permission. When using it, carefully follow the instructions on the packaging and dispose of leftovers in the small chemical waste.


DEET is a substance that confuses mosquitoes’ odor sensors. As a result, they no longer smell you and you get stung much less. DEET is available in various concentrations as a gel, spray, or lotion. In malaria areas, you need products with at least 30 percent DEET because the effectiveness decreases at smaller concentrations. A concentration of more than 40 percent DEET is not recommended. The higher the concentration, the longer the duration of action: 30 percent DEET is effective for approximately six hours. DEET has the property (due to the ethanol in which the active ingredient is dissolved) to affect some plastics: it makes them somewhat sticky; so don’t be surprised if your plastic chair gets a bit sticky. Also be careful with plastic watch bands, glasses, and the like. citriodiol (p-menthane-3,8-diol), ethyl butyl acetylamino propionate (known in America as IR3535) or icaridin. if you want to learn How to use the microwave? then go here.

Liquid Evaporators

Plugged-in liquid vaporizers (for indoor use only as they are harmful to all insects) work with the synthetic pyrethroids metofluthrin, parallel thin, or transfluthrin. Do not use these liquid vaporizers in the kitchen or in small, enclosed spaces (such as a toilet or basement). Follow the directions on the packaging carefully. For example, keep liquid vaporizers containing transfluthrin away from cats as it can be fatal to these animals.

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