Which Things to Consider Before Buying Apartments & Condo

When choosing the apartments or property to buy, many foreigners opt for a condo. Cozy apartments in modern complexes are not only easy to buy and paperwork, but also attractive with excellent living conditions. Stylish design, the presence of a swimming pool, gym, playgrounds, and much more in a protected area – what else do you need for a perfect holiday? In addition, buying a Best Freehold condo in Singapore is also a reliable investment with a guaranteed income. In more detail about what constitutes a condominium and what are the features of living in them, we will tell you in our article.

What does the Condominium mean?

The legal term “condominium” refers to a certain form of ownership and control of the common property. Anyone can get the best freehold condo – Amber Sea and automatically becomes an owner of the common property of the complex.

The property is managed and maintained by an association of condominium apartment owners. The Association adopts a charter, which includes the rules for living in the complex, as well as the procedure for payment and the number of funds for the maintenance of the common property.

The amount for the maintenance of the common property is called a freehold condo fee and is charged monthly from all owners, depending on the number of square meters they own. Also, every year condo residents pay a maintenance fee – these funds are used to maintain the property. One of the advantages of condominiums is that all apartment owners in a building share the cost of maintaining common property equally. Agree, it is more profitable than paying a large amount on a regular basis.

Features of living in a condominium

For those who are planning to purchase a condo or rent it for the first time, it will be useful to know some of the rules for living in such complexes.

Firstly, all the problems that may arise while living in the best condo – Canninghill Piers, can be easily solved at the reception or by contacting the finest company that maintains the complex.

Even though the territory of the complex is guarded and absolutely safe, it is not customary to leave common things of residents (for example, bicycles, strollers, etc.) in public facilities so as not to interfere with the rest of the other residents.

Please be aware that pets are not allowed in condominiums. Therefore, if you are going to the island with your pet, it is worth considering other types of accommodation, such as houses or villas.

Thais are very careful about ecology and environmental protection, therefore, each complex provides for a separate waste collection. Waste sorting bins are located in every building.

Other rules and features of living in condominiums can be read directly in the charter of the complex, which you should carefully read upon check-in.

Receiving rental income

Quite often, developers offer lucrative investment programs for foreigners in condominiums. The programs imply that when buying an apartment, you can specify in the contract for what period you plan to live in your home, and for the rest of the year, the company undertakes to rent out your condo and transfer a percentage of the profits to your account. The rate of return varies from the cost of housing and depends on the number of payments and the duration of the contract. Such offers are very beneficial for investors and help to earn guaranteed money on real estate without any problems. All issues related to the search for tenants, maintenance of housing in good condition, collection of fees, and the conclusion of contracts are undertaken by the developer’s company, which is very convenient!


Condo prices in Singapore depend on several factors, including the area of ​​the apartment, its facilities, area of ​​residence, proximity to beaches, and others. For example, in the new Beach Condominium, which is located a kilometer from the best freehold condo – Amber Sea, the cost of apartments starts from 1.65 million baht. A condo in the luxurious VIP Amber Sea Condominium will cost from 3.5 million baht. Fully equipped apartments with all necessary furniture and appliances at Condo Surin Beach start at 2.7 million baht. And the cost of apartments in the family complex Garden Residences on the island starts at 3.9 million baht.

To find the best offers from developers and competently draw up all the necessary documents, you can contact the finest services Gallery in Singapore. If you are interested in buying a condo or any other real estate on the island, you can order a free transfer to the company and get answers to all your questions. Take the first step towards your dream!

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