Masters in Computer Application LPU

Having a duration of three years, MCA distance education LPU is one such program that targets only those candidates who are inclined to dive deeply into the development of computer applications with the support of contemporary programming languages. All those students pursuing MCA distance education LPU courses are provided with the opportunity to develop modern software with updated modern tools as well as technical support. This program is spread over a period of six semesters. In the MCA program, all the students learn skill development of the insides of the computer in the first year. Simultaneously, within the second year, they teach students about the conceptual study framework. If we talk about the third year, then all the students of the MCA program provide information about special abilities and required projects work.

Well qualified professionals are present in the field of information technology which is offered by a number of colleges and institutes offer MCA distance education LPU program all over the country. A program of MCA distance education LPU degree becomes a useful defense system when it is trying to get full-term course by the university, which is recognized by All India Council for Technical Education and University Grants Commission. That’s why we present to you all the important details which candidates should know about the MCA distance education LPU program beginning from scratch till the end with respect to intricate knowledge.

Full form of MCA and its Objective

The full form of the MCA degree program is Master of Computer Application. The purpose of MCA distance education LPU is to grow information and technology-based professionals. The TheMCA degree course offers both conceptual as well as practical knowledge.

Advantages of Masters in Computer Application

The MCA distance education LPU program is structured in a comprehensive way which is the most suited for the industry. Courses are specifically designed to present a way that provides in-depth information on subjects such as computer architecture, computer networks, and programming languages. The study offers chances to focus on several areas. Candidates can expertize in various program management, application software, MIS Management Information Systems, Internet, and communications. Based on the specializations, post the wind-up of the MCA distance education LPU, a student can also apply to the network, hardware, and software growing industries. The industrial training involved within the dimensions of the syllabus serves the candidates for practical field, area, and logical reasoning also.

MCA Capability and Criteria

In order to get into a master of Computer Applications, a distance education candidate might have to meet the common criteria to get certified for admissions in any institute, college and university also. The MCA distance education LPU capability criteria vary from university to university-based upon their need for student’s educational qualifications, but the following are some common ones:

Students should have finished their BCA/B.Sc. /B.Com or a similar stream and should have scored at least 50% remarks in the Undergraduate position.

Mathematics subject should be compulsory in the 12thgrade in order to qualify.

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