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The top trending courses help in the enhancement of knowledge and skills that are necessary in the fast-evolving digital world. These courses are flexible and can be taken after Class 12 exams or while pursuing a professional career. The top trending courses add to the resume and make an individual eligible for better job opportunities.

List of Top Trending Courses:

Data Science course

What is Data Science?

Data Science course is the use of scientific methods and algorithms to obtain information from a large number of structured and unstructured data. Data scientists use techniques derived from mathematics, statistics, and computer science to get useful information from available data.

Data Science coursesPostgraduate Certification in Data Science, Advanced Diploma in Data Science, Postgraduate program in data analytics, Postgraduate Certification in Data Science.

Data Science course duration- 9 to 11 months.

Data Science course fees-  INR 3736 to INR 90,000.

Data Science job profiles- Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Architect, Machine learning Engineer.

Data Science top recruiters- Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook.

Business Intelligence course(BI course):

What is Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence (BI) courses help an organization to discover trends and make decisions by analyzing huge amounts of data. BI uses techniques such as Data mining, data visualization, and statistics to draw conclusions from data trends.

BI  courses- Microsoft Power BI Training, Data warehousing, and BI Certification Training, Postgraduate Certificate in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

BI Course duration- 6 months to 1 year.

BI Course fees- INR 69,000 (approx)

BI Job profiles- Business intelligence analyst, Business Intelligence Manager.

BI top recruiters- Mu Sigma Analytics, Fractal Analytics, Analytics Solutions, Simplify 360.

Cloud Computing course:

What is a Cloud computing course?

Cloud computing is the availability and sharing of data-based resources over the internet that promote agility in an organization. These include on-demand resources like storage,  space, and applications.

Cloud computing courses – Introduction to Cloud computing, Learn Cloud computing from scratch, Cloud computing course for beginners, Fundamentals of Cloud computing.

Cloud computing course duration- 6 months.

Cloud computing course fees- INR 6000/Free

Cloud computing job profiles- Cloud Administrator, Cloud Architect, Cloud Network Engineer. Cloud Application Developer.

Cloud computing top recruiters- HCl Technologies, Sify, Nettech, Mycon Solutions, Econz IT Solutions.

Blockchain course:

What is Blockchain course

Blockchain is a distributed ledger system in which financial transactions are distributed over computer networks to make it more secure and accessible for the participants. A blockchain course delivers the skills and knowledge for the development of Blockchain frameworks.

Blockchain courses- Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals, Learn how to build your first 

Blockchain, Blockchain for business, Introduction to hyperledger Blockchain Technology

Blockchain course duration- 8 months (approximately).

Blockchain job profiles- Blockchain solutions architect, Blockchain quality Engineer, Blockchain Developer, Blockchain specialist.

Blockchain top recruiters- J P Morgan Chase, Microsoft, Cisco, Accenture, KPMG.

Digital marketing course

What is a Digital Marketing course?

The main aim of the Digital marketing course is to build a company’s brand value by using the digital platform. Digital marketing course includes content marketing, search engine optimization, inbound marketing, Social media marketing, and web analytics.

Digital marketing courses- The beginner’s guide to SEO, Advanced Google Analytics course, E-commerce, and email marketing course.

Digital marketing course duration- 3 months

Digital marketing course fees –  INR 20,000

Digital marketing job profiles-  Content manager, Marketing director, PPC Manager, 

Digital Director, Email Marketing Manager.

Digital Marketing top recruiters- Vertech Health solutions, Cyfuture India Private Limited, Crystal Hues Limited, Pagetraffic web tech limited.

Machine Learning course:

What is a Machine Learning course?

The Machine Learning course uses Mathematics and Statistics to make business predictions and deliver actionable insights. A Machine Learning course teaches algorithms to extract customer data to determine trends and make future predictions accordingly.

  • Machine learning courses-  Deep Learning specialization, Machine Learning crash course, Machine Learning with Python, Advanced Machine Learning specialization.
  • Machine Learning course duration- 4 months to 6 months.
  • Machine Learning course fees- INR 20000 to INR 40000
  • Machine Learning job profiles- Data analysts, Machine learning engineers, Data Scientist, Data Analyst.
  • Machine Learning top recruiters- Fidelity, Intel,Jio, S & P Global, Zoho, Visa, HCL, Infosys, TCS.

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