Keep your kitchen organized and clean in a creative way

Is your kitchen not organized, and every cabinet is overflowing with junk? Keeping your kitchen mess free is very important as you spend a reasonable amount of time in your kitchen.

You can look up various ways that will help you to make your kitchen more organized and structured.

The neat kitchen hacks

Whether it’s a dinner party for your friends or lunch with your family, your kitchen is there with you in all your celebrations. But sometimes, your kitchen may become a mess and irk you.

Your personal space reflects a part of your personality, and it should be tidy and clean to make you feel good about yourself. Cleaning up your kitchen every time can be tricky and time-consuming.

You have to organize your kitchen in such a way that will take your lesser time during events and also make your more organized and structured. Kitchens are the most used areas in your house. Hence, they should be clean and tidy always.

In the UK, many people get their kitchen modified by borrowing easy loans. But even in a bigger kitchen, they are not able to manage their kitchen well. Irrespective of your kitchen size, you can keep your kitchen clean and organized. You just need to be more careful and mindful of how you take care of your home and kitchen.  

Ways to keep the kitchen clean


Your kitchen cupboards should be clean as they contain too much in them. There may be boxes, cans, bags and many other things that you may have stacked in your kitchen cupboards.

To clean up the cub boards, give a dedicated space to every box and make places for all, such as sugar box, syrup box, spices etc. You can segregate the areas such as the upper shelf is for the baking items whereas the lower shelf is for sweet items.

You can paint your food boxes to get them in sync with your kitchen colour. This will align your kitchen in every way and make it look cleaner and organized.

Along with painting your boxes, you can label them with their ingredients and make things easy for you. Labelling will help you to be clear with all the contents and not confuse sugar with salt.

Organizing your spices

Along with your cupboards, clean up your spice rack too. It can become a mess in no time as spices are the most used and consumed thing in the kitchen. For example, at the time of the need, you may not be able to find a cumin box, or your spice boxes may be one on another that can make all the boxes fall when you need any one of them.

A good way is to organize your spices the cuisines way.  You can stack up all the spices required in Italian cuisine in one place, whereas you can stack up all the spices used for Chinese cuisine in one place. 

The typical spices can be stacked in a separate space so that you do not disturb any other spices while cooking specific cuisine.  Once you stack up the spices accordingly, label the areas with the cuisine name to avoid confusion.

Add a new rack

If you are tired of organizing your kitchen, you can add a new track to your kitchen and add more space to it. You can get a new metal tray or a rack and get it fixed in your kitchen.

This will make it easier for you to organize and manage your kitchen and cupboards. Remember to get a compartmentalized rack that will give you more space and create less mess.

Add newspaper buffers

You may be having much non-stick cookware. If you stack your non-stick cookware, there are chances that there may be a scratch on your non-stick coating, making it not fit for its actual use. Since a delicate coating on your non-stick cookware needs to be handled with care and stack properly. 

Whenever you are stacking your non-stick cookware, always stack a newspaper between your non-stick pans and pots to save them from any scratches. Tucking newspapers in between will keep them scratch free and new for a longer time.

Store your fine china safely

If you are using fine china, you must know that it should be handled properly to keep it scratch free. One way to keep your fine china scratch free is to use them alternatively with paper plates.

Another feasible way is to get a plastic wire rack inside your cupboards. You can keep these plates inside. Also, you can hang the cups on the hooks of your cupboards to keep them safe.

Do not overstock your plates

You may get many dinner sets from your relatives or your friends. One important thing to remember is that do not overstock your plates as they are delicate and should be handled with care.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to resist some antiques you have seen in fairs or marketplaces. Do not overrun your cupboards and even if you have exceeded the number of plates you require, think of some innovative ways to stack them and keep them scratch free.


You can transform your kitchen with some innovative and creative storage ideas. Do not let your kitchen overflow with your dinner sets and plates. Keep your kitchen organized and structured to get good vibes from your kitchen.

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