10 Ways to Enjoy an Exciting Movie Night

With cinemas closed for indefinite time period we all miss a little escape from reality and dive into the virtual world of fairytales or even action stories. Movie nights are a great way to sit together and bond with your family or even friends but we all miss those days of munching pop corns and enjoying nachos. If you are sad about not getting the excitement of watching movie with your loved ones, then here are some ways to bring back that cinematic vibe to your movie night.

Get Loads of Option

The only way to enjoy watching something is when you and your loved ones can all feel the best of experience. While it is hard to reach a common ground when we are gathered to choose a movie but loads of options will help you reach something you all love. Sure, it is expensive to rent various movies at once so you all can choose something everyone loves but with the hidive promo code you can get tones of options right for a single price.

Popcorns and Lots of Them

Pop corns and a movie night are a combination that go hand in hand. Pop corns make movie time much more fun and exciting. Without pop corns you cannot have that feel of movies. Okay, enough about the love for pop corns but the point here is as many friends as you have over for movies, make sure you have an endless supply of pop corns.

And who would love getting in the middle of a serious scene to make some pop corns? Make sure you have a cheap popcorn maker or even some kernel pops that you can toss right in the microwave.

Pop Corn Seasoning

Who misses theatre and cinemas because of the special flavors they have in the pop corns? Well you can get them at home too. All you need is to buy a pack of popcorn seasonings and enjoy some touch of masala into your movie time. This will also make sure everyone has something they enjoy to eat.

A Little Play with Dress Up

Completing a movie marathon for your favorite movie? You can add a little fun with cute nice dress ups. Dressing up can elevate the whole experience. If you are having a movie night for your kids and their friends or maybe celebrating a birthday night with movie, then dressing up would be a nice idea.

This would make you enjoy the feel of a character to a greater level and you and your friends could also take some snaps for the special move marathon.

Themed Dinner

Making a themed meal together might be more or less challenging depending on the movie you’re intending to see, but it’s a fun approach to help make the night feel more special. If you are watching something fun and cute, make some marshmallows servings and have colorful drinks or for a scary Halloween movie, how about some scary chicken fingers?

Set the Seating Arrangement

The seating arrangement for a movie night at your house can make or break the event. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that everyone is seated comfortably and that no one is unhappy with their seating arrangement.

While you’re at it, make your movie night a bit more creative. You may personalize the layout by building a fort or any other creative notion that comes to mind; go for it since everyone will enjoy it anyway.

Plushy Pillows

Soft plushy pillows are a great cuddly partner especially when you are having a fun movie tie. Movie times are supposed to be relaxing for everyone and you and your friends should be able to feel the cozy vibe. Sure you cannot have a bed as big as the number of friends you have but with cute snuggly pillows you can enjoy a little soft resting vibe for everyone.

Take it Outside for More Fun

Bringing your movie night to the yard if you have a projector is a great way to shake things up and enjoy the outdoors at night. You could even invite your neighbors to come over and observe! If it’s a date night, all you need is a laptop and a blanket to make staying in fun.

Keep the Kids Busy

If you are planning to keep the kids busy so they don’t cry during the important scenes then keep them busy. Allow the youngsters to eat their meal while watching. You may considerably decrease the possibilities of spilling and damaging the carpet if you spread out enough blankets and offer them water bottles.

Pizza, chicken sliders, mac & cheese, a salad bar, pigs in blankets, corn dogs, baked potato bar, chicken nuggets, marshmallows or colored drinks are a way to keep those children engaged.

Unplug the Phone

Nothing is more annoying than people using their phone during the movie time. Even if you are sending a snap, this ruins the whole fun and later on you will find yourself asking about what happened. To get the most of a movie experience make sure to unplug the phone. Keep it at side or maybe let it on for any emergency calls. A great way would be to collect phones from everyone and keep them on the side table. In case any emergency call pops up, you can always reply.

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