Zero Waste Living method

Earth is the only planet that is known to have life. Other planets are not worth living on yet. But we humans have failed to realise this fact that the speed with which we are polluting our planet and exploiting its resources, it will soon be one among the other planets where life is not possible. 

Life on earth is becoming more difficult day by day. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution are increasing day by day. And, unfortunately, we are doing nothing to prevent these. 

With the advancement in technologies and development of more and more factories day by day, air and water pollution has increased. The reason behind this increase in pollution is due to the waste that we generate from factories, hospitals, houses, schools etc. We have plenty of other technologies, but we don’t have a proper system of this waste disposal. More and more waste is getting deposited day by day, and thus the condition of the earth is getting worse.

All this can be prevented by taking small steps daily to protect our environment. Living a zero-waste lifestyle is one of the solutions. It’s not only the duty of the officials and environmentalists to prevent the planet from destruction, but it is the duty and responsibility of each and every individual to work towards this. 

Zero waste lifestyle means generating less or negligible amount of waste through our daily activities. And even if they are produced, try to recycle it.

Here I have curated a list of a few ways in which you can live a zero-waste lifestyle, thus reducing the amount of waste that is generated on the earth daily. 

We all know that there are three R’s, i.e., Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We need to follow these three and build a zero-waste lifestyle for us.


As a human to live a fulfilling life, we only need a few things, but we end up purchasing items that add no value to our life. We call it a trend, but it is worthless to spend money on them and, ultimately, increase the waste on the earth. Minimalist living has been introduced these days to let people understand that less is more, and we don’t need everything to live a great life. Reducing the usage of plastic and instead of using jute bags, recycled paper bags, buying eco-friendly things can be great things to do to reduce the usage of non-biodegradable things. Raksha Bandhan is around the corner,, and you all must be looking for rakhi for your siblings. You can buy eco-friendly rakhi from an online rakhi store.


Instead of throwing things away, try reusing them for different purposes. I will tell you how. We all buy bisleri bottles from the market and end up throwing them after drinking the water. Thus, generating plastic waste. Instead of throwing these plastic water bottles directly into the environment, we can use them for planting or making eco-brick out of them. Eco-bricks are made out of plastic bottles and plastic wrappers that we throw after consuming the item inside it. Eco-bricks have multiple uses, and they are durable as well. It can be used to make stools, plant beds etc. 


Recycling is the last thing to do, but the most essential one. Instead of throwing things away, we should try recycling them and making them into new items. Recycling is very common these days, but in our daily life we fail to incorporate this act. Instead of throwing tyre tubes, it can be very well used for planting. It looks great on walls, thus acting as a decorative piece as well. Recycling old newspapers, notebooks into paper bags, and decorative pieces can be another way of generating less waste. In our kitchen everyday fruits and vegetable peels are generated, but we end up throwing them in the dustbin. You can collect this waste in a separate bin and use it as compost for your plants. 

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These are really small steps, but if they are taken by everyone, then we can definitely save our planet Earth from getting polluted. Try this out at your own level and spread awareness in your surroundings for the same. Because every step counts. I hope you liked and found this article helpful.

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