Tips To Choose Right Home Layout For Your Family

Purchasing a new house is quite exciting because you are going to shift in your house. No longer need to live in the rented apartment. But the process of buying a home is a quite daunting task because there are so many choices available. Moreover, purchase a home is one of the biggest investments. When it comes to buying a home, then we recommend you do not settle for something which you do not like. If you will make a compromise, then you will regret it after a few years. We recommend you to follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks which will help you to choose the right home layout for your family.

1. Check Number Of Bedrooms

While purchasing a new home for your family, then we recommend you check the number of bedrooms in the house. Make sure that these bedrooms will easily accommodate your family in this house. Also, you should keep in mind your future needs. According to the thumb rule, you should have enough rooms for your family and one extra bedroom for the guests. One extra bedroom is good for families with young children because grandparents can visit your home and they will have their own private space. If you are interested in Medallion apartments, then you should check the medallion mohali floor plans before buying one.

2. Location Of Bedroom

We recommend you to pay attention to the position of the bedrooms. If you have a young kid, then you may want a nursery close to the bedroom. If you have a two-story house, then the master bedroom on the first floor is not a good choice for parents with young kids. On the other hand, if your kids are old, then you may be looking for a house with bedrooms more spread out. In this way, parents can prevent themselves from the loud music of video games, etc.

2. Never Overlook Situation Of Bathroom

Just like bedrooms, you should also pay attention to the situation of your bathroom. It is important to have enough bathrooms which will accommodate the needs and demands of your family. If you will choose a home with enough bathrooms, then you can avoid lines in the morning. According to the thumb rule, there should be one bathroom for every two rooms in the house. If you have frequent home visitors, then it is a good idea to choose the home layout which has one full or a half-guest bathroom.

The Medallion Mohali Floor Plans

3. Choose Open Floor Plan

Usually, the new constructing homes have open floor plans. These types of floor plans are perfect for families who have young kids because you have to watch your kids all time. The open floor plans are designed to keep family members connected. We recommend you to see the floor plans which have unobstructed lines in the backyard. With the growing age of kids, they start playing outside and you can easily keep your eyes on them while doing household chores. The medallion project in mohali has open floor plans which will fulfill your needs.

4. Convenient Laundry Room

Parents who have young kids have to clean huge heaps of dirty laundry. Therefore, while investing in the new house, you should also pay attention to the laundry room. A well-designed and wisely positioned laundry room is like a gift for homeowners. If you are living in a two-story house, then downstairs laundry is a good choice. Parents can multi-task and they can easily handle dirty laundry as well. While preparing meals in the kitchen, you can reload the washer and can easily keep your eyes on your kids. Some families prefer to have a laundry room upstairs so that they can easily bring clothes from the bedroom to the laundry room and back to the bedroom. But you should special care of upstairs laundry because there is a high probability of blockage of water and flooding the upper floor.  

5. One Playroom  

One designated playroom in the house is a plus point, especially for parents of young kids. When there is one designated playroom, then your kids will be so happy. They will love to spend some time with their toys. Also, it is good for parents because they can keep their eyes on kids and also manage clutter easily. Also, you do not need to waste your time shuttling toys from the bedroom to the living room.

6. Check Outer Space

While checking the layout of the house, you should not forget the check the available outer space. You should check the availability of green outdoors. Make sure there should enough space available for the installation of a swing set or playhouse. If your kids are not very young and they want to play outdoor games like football, corn hole, etc. then spacious outer space is required.

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