How Nittany Lion Become The Mascot Of Pennsylvania

At this time the remaining mountain lions were driven out of Pennsylvania. But some time in the starting of this century mountain lion, which calls as Nittany Lion used to rules this place. But due to uncontrolled hunting by humans stage has come that not single Nittany Lion is left, they have got terminated from this plant. People occasionally report seeing mountain lions but this is extremely rare. In this article we speak about what is a Nittany lion, so do not read further.


The history of the name “Nittany” (or “Nita-ni”) is a bit unclear. No matter the origin, you’ll see this name all over the city. At the edge of Happy Valley is a mountain called “Mount Nittany”, which is a great place to sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the valley below. On a Football Saturday, you can hear the crowd cheering from Penn State’s Beaver Stadium from atop Mount Nittany. It’s also a great place to watch State College’s annual Fireworks on July 4th, which is rated among the top 3 best fireworks shows in the country!

The Symbol

A Nittany Lion has been the mascot for our athletic events since 1921. If you see Nittany Sher at a Penn State match, feel free to say “hello,” give him a “high five,” or take a picture of yourself with him. The symbol of the Nittany Lion can be seen throughout our premises. There is a temple (an idol in a particular area on the campus) that is very popular. Be prepared to wait if you want to have your picture taken during a busy weekend like graduation! In case you do not know what to do in Santa Monica then do approach the local community as they might assist you.

The Nittany Lion’s Surprise Attack

In 1904, Penn State lacked a mascot. The baseball team was visiting Princeton one day when they saw the famous Bengal Tiger statue of that university. He was told that the tiger was indicating the cruel behavior he would face in the upcoming game. Joe Mason, a member of the Penn State team, quickly responded that Penn State was represented by Nittany Lion, who he called ‘the most fierce animal of all’ that could outnumber a tiger.

The legend of Nittany Lion grew in no small part because of Mason’s campaigning. In 1907, Mason wrote a passionate petition for a student publication in defense of Nittany Sher. He took pride in the lion’s strength, calling it ‘the king, the all-conquering lion as the eternal watchdog.’

The surname was highly approved by university students. Mason also had an influence on the traditions surrounding the behavior of the mascot. When he predicted a Penn State victory, he claimed that the lion would use his strong right hand to stun his enemies. Today, the mascot performs one-armed push-ups when the football team scores a touchdown as a reminder of this claim. 

The Penn State Nittany Lions are one of the most prestigious events in all of the college sports, one of many teams with a fully formed mascot.

Joe Mason, a senior member of the baseball team, was embarrassed by the lack of Penn State’s mascot versus Princeton’s intimidating tiger, so he thought of the one thing that could kill a tiger… a lion. Rather than just being called “The Lions”, Joe thought of a way to pay tribute to Mount Nittany, a mountain range in Pennsylvania in which lions roamed until the 1880s. 

So this is the complete story of how a humble animal from the jungle was declared as the mascot for Penn State.

In the year 1990, they started working on the dress of the mascot the designer introduced teeth, and later on, worked upon the other parts of that design. 

Since then they have stayed with that mascot, to decide about the current costume they took almost ten years. Each and everyone loves the current costume of the latest Nittany Lion.

This mascot is one of the oldest mascots which is being used in US athletics. It is serving as the mascot of Penn state since 1921, which is an interesting thing. If you see that mascot it has now a part of everyone’s life people get excited after seeing the symbol on the campus. This is the first thing that people recognize when they walk on Penn’s state campus. That place has had a special place in people’s memory since their childhood as they have grown it see it. So now they come with their grandchildren and share their childhood or about the time which they have spent on this campus and around this symbol.

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