What is the function of an atomizer in vape pens?

More and more consumers use vape pens as a healthier and more cautious way to enjoy dried flowers, extracts, and oils. Standard vape pens are made of four major parts:

  1. A battery
  2. An atomizer
  3. A chamber/ tank
  4. A mouthpiece

The text below looks at the function of an atomizer. In the end, you will have a deep understanding of the difference in the design of an atomizer in various vape pens.

An atomizer; the heart of any vape pen

The atomizer is a crucial part of a vape pen or a wax pen. It is essentially what converts e-liquid into a vapor that you can then inhale. It’s made up of two components: the heating element (coil) and wicking material. When the voltage from your battery jumps the circuit, it sends power through the coil to heat your e-liquid, turning it into vapor. The wick soaks this liquid as it travels up to the coil from down below, providing it with juice continuously so that when you take a hit, your tank doesn’t go dry. 

Atomizers have different resistance levels in vapes based on how warm they burn. Higher resistances lead to cooler hits that are less flavorful but give you more flavor. On the other hand, lower resistances burn hotter than higher resistances and give you a warmer vape with a more intense flavor.

What is the difference between Vertical Vape Pens and Regular Vape Pens?

An “upright” or vertical vaporizer pen has a coil that sits in the middle of the tank, whereas traditional/regular vape pens have a coil at the bottom. This up-and-down design makes it easier to keep your wick saturated when taking hits. You also don’t have to worry about overfilling your tank because there’s no way for e-liquid to run down into your airpath — fill your tank all of the way without worrying about anything spilling out.

What is the difference between single coil and double coil vape pen atomizers?

Most standard tanks are single-coil setups, which have one heating element inside of them to vaporize e-liquid. Double-coil atomizers — also known as duel or dual coils — contain two heating elements instead of one, doubling the amount of vapor produced in each hit (and depending on your mod’s power level, potentially doubling your battery life). The downside is that dual coils tend to get gunked up after some time and need regular cleaning if you don’t want your flavor production to suffer. This isn’t an issue for everyone; some people prefer their juice super warm and flavorful! 

How to control the amount of vapor?

To turn things down a notch:

  1. Turn your vape pen’s voltage down or adjust the airflow on your tank.
  2. If you want to wind it up, even more, try using a higher-resistance coil or changing out the coils altogether for ones that produce bigger clouds with hotter hits.
  3. Just remember: hotter temperatures mean harsher flavor and less longevity for your wick and the overall lifespan of your unit! 

What is the difference between an open vape pen airpath and a closed vape pen airpath?

Many wax pens feature only one way to inhale — through a narrow mouthpiece (closed vape pen airpath). This design is excellent for creating thicker vapor clouds with a more intense flavor and minimizes leaking, so you don’t have to worry about your e-liquid spilling out into your hand or pocket when transporting it in public. 

Others have openings that allow you to see inside the atomizer chamber (open vape pen airpath). This design makes it much easier to keep track of how much juice you have left at a glance and offers superior airflow over single-hole designs. However, they’re also more prone to leaking because you’re more likely to cover the holes on top of your tank. Some tanks have adjustable-size air holes that allow you to choose between a tighter draw and less vapor from wax vaporizers or a looser one for bigger clouds. This property is excellent if you’re looking for a customizable experience.

What are some tips/tricks to maximize your atomizer life?

To keep your atomizer lasting as long as possible, you’ll want to avoid getting e-liquid in the center post of your coil. Once it gets wet, it’s a race to see how quickly it rusts! 

If you’re looking to get every drop out of your tank before it needs refilling, take off the top cap and drip straight down into the middle of the deck. This way, no e-juice will run down into your air path and sit on top of where the heating element sits. You also want to try cleaning your coils regularly with isopropyl alcohol for the best performance.

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