Top 5 Reasons You Should Update Your Mobile Apps

Your business takes a leap and you invest in custom mobile app development. After launching your app, you feel relaxed and sit back to check the insights of the app. But this is the wrong way to run your business. Actually, after launching your app, the work has just begun. Mobile apps demand the latest updates in order to maintain the performance and quality of the app. 

Now, the question arises that how many times you should update your app? In this article, I will elaborate on the reasons that why should you update your app? I will also discuss the update frequency of your app. What factors are involved in it? So, let jump into it!

First of all, I am going to discuss the update frequency of app development. According to a survey, 38% of the companies update their apps every month. 50% of the companies update their apps after 3-6 months. You don’t know what is the ideal period to update your app?

Let me tell you the truth. The update depends on the requirements of your app. There is no fixed time period to update your app. It depends on your business goals and the app’s functionality. The giant platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp update their apps on weekly schedules. These apps have enough data that demands more updates. 

Updates of the apps depend on a budget to some extent. Some experts say that the average budget for updating the apps is 10-30% of the original budget. Every business app has its own requirements, so it is better to consult with a mobile app development company.

Here are 5 key reasons you should keep updating your app timely. 

Stay Ahead of Bugs

The users can detect bugs in your app. It does not depend on how much you do your app testing? The bugs will remain in your app after some time. This is the most important thing in debugging that how fast your developer tackles the issues. If any user gives feedback about the bug, you must consider it vital. If you ignore their feedback and don’t remove bugs in your app, they will abandon your app. 

There is something good to remove bugs is that it can be removed by fixed tools. These tools are easily available in the market. You can buy these tools from different sources. One of the best tools for debugging is “Crashlytics”. It can analyze, find, fix the bug in real-time. 

Keep up with the Latest Technologies

The best thing is updating your mobile app is that you keep up with software and hardware advances. The mobile operating system often gives an update, you have to update your mobile to keep your mobile compatible with the operating system. If you don’t update mobile apps at the right time, they will not be compatible with the latest mobile updates. 

The mobile companies update their operating systems 2-3 times per year. Your mobile app developers need serious efforts to overcome these kinds of problems. If you take action at the right time, you will consistently grow in the mobile app industry. 

Stay Relevant through the Updates

Most people uninstalled apps due to bad quality and performance. Many businesses do not release it but the update is a great marketing tool. People have a very busy schedule and they may forget about the most popular apps. You have to think about your competition in the digital marketing field. Everyone is launching apps with new features and innovations. 

If you update your app regularly, people will be more attentive toward your app. They will be notified to update apps. They will also come to know about the new feature included in the apps. Updating apps remind people about your app is still on their mobile phones. 

Giant companies like Google and Apple also prefer to see notifications of updating the app. Updating your app shows your dedication to the app. If you update your app regularly, you can add the requested features of your customers. This thing will produce a loyal following for your app. 

Enhancing the UI/UX of your App

Features, stability, loading speed of the apps are much important but the user interacts with your app’s design before anything. The UI/UX design of your app must be attractive so that people get attracted to your app. There are some reasons why you should update your app’s design. 

  • First of all, when your app design looks old and clumsy, you have to enhance your mobile app user interface. 
  • You have to redesign your app according to the latest trends to keep your audience engaged. You should not follow all the modern trends but you should update your design periodically.
  • A complex user interface can be difficult to understand for a new user. So, you have to make your design as simple as possible. Your audience must get ease when they are using your app.
  • If you change your company’s logo, you have to change your app logo as well. The user might get confused if your company logo differs from your mobile app icon. 

Keep Your Users Happy

This does not matter how much you spend time testing your mobile app. There is always room for improvement in your app. Your audience will give your feedback when you are doing well. You take suggestions from their feedback and make changes in your app to make your customers happy. 

This thing will show your loyalty to your customers and engage more and more users. Your users are your everything so keep your users happy.


Launching your app is not enough for your success. Its failure and success do not depend on the number of users. You can always make innovations in your app in order to engage more users. Once a user installs your app, you have to take some actions that the user regularly comes to your app. Those people expect some improvements in your app as time passing. 

You must keep connected with custom mobile app development services to update your app. 

I hope you have understood the reasons for updating your app. If you have any queries about custom mobile app development, you can contact our development team. 

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