How mobile diesel refueling is effective & its benefits

What is Mobile Diesel Refueling?
A revolutionary concept of delivering diesel and other fuels to desired locations, for refueling machines and equipment that are immobile.

This service that was largely prevalent in most developed nations around the globe, has finally found its footing in the Indian subcontinent and is here to stay. But before we get into that, let us understand why mobile diesel refueling is a necessary service for the development, safety, and efficiency of businesses and what value does this service adds!

Now any business that includes heavy machinery in its operational mechanism is aware of this basic rule:

Fuel is the primary prerequisite for the smooth functioning of heavy machinery. Its constant and efficient supply is necessary for the machinery to work optimally and complete a given project. Inefficiency in the supply of fuel leads to project delays and inevitable money drainage.

In a nutshell

Fuel stops = profit stops

Fuel delayed = profit delayed

So to maintain productivity, you need to ensure that the fuel is procured on time, in the exact quantity ordered, and in its purest form so that the machine is not corrupted with poor quality contaminated fuel. But how does one achieve this?

Earlier, business owners had to send men/tankers/trucks, etc., to the petrol pump to procure their requisite diesel. The same procedure was applicable for the procurement of diesel in smaller quantities, which was required by many SME’s residential societies, schools, and so on, to run their generator sets and other heavy machinery. The practice in its entirety was far from efficient- you had to incur any overhead costs like drivers, rentals, etc., and its timeline could never be streamlined with accuracy.

However, the Government’s amendment to the petroleum regulations in 2019 changed everything and introduced the convenient concept of doorstep diesel delivery in India. This allowed FuelEnts (fuel entrepreneurs) to enable their mobile diesel refueling services and bring about a tectonic shift in the industry, increasing convenience and consumer demand for fuel. However, the amendment was strictly regulated by the rules and protocols set forth by PESO thus ensuring safety, convenience, and above all efficiency.

Now mobile diesel refueling has multi-faceted benefits to it:

  • It is cost-effective:

When you buy diesel in bulk, wholesale rates apply, which are considerably lower than individual purchases. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the overhead costs of procurement are eliminated. This allows you to plan fiscally in advance and ensure that your machines and profits never stop!

  • It is more convenient:

You simply need to place an order with the mobile fuel delivery partner, and the diesel will be delivered to your desired location on time with all safety precautions in place. For one, Humsafar a leading player in last-mile diesel delivery; ensures that all the drivers and delivery executives are well versed with all the safety protocols set forth by PESO and follow them with utmost care.

  • Automation ensures quality:

Automating the process ensures that the chances of human error leading to possible contamination decrease, leading you to receive pure quality diesel each time. Humsafar fabricates its own PESO-approved bowsers that come enabled with geofencing technology, which ensures that the bowser only opens up at the set location for dispensing. The bowser also comes equipped with the equipment required to cordon off the delivery area to ensure the highest safety standards. Through its Safar20 initiative, Humsafar also delivers diesel in smaller quantities of 20 litres in PESO-approved Jerry Cans that come with a seven-wire seal and unique number lock to ensure the highest quality and exact quantity. This initiative also diminishes the need to store fuel on-site and therefore averts many hazardous fires that could be caused due to the combustible nature of the fuel.

  • Technological advancements add efficiency:

You can today order fuel delivery online through your mobile and completely track the order as well. This has enabled its customer to order mobile delivery of diesel to their doorstep in varied quantities as per their requirements and comfort. Humsafar’s user-friendly app, Fuel Humsafar, provides this comfort to its customers and other features like automated billing.

All this is a tall order to fulfill, and partnering with the right team is essential for your business and you. So whilst picking a doorstep diesel delivery partner, we recommend taking a moment to understand all their offerings and services, including customer care, availability of the product, and overall regional presence. Humsafar, for example, is present in 24 Indian states and even has territory managers in all the major cities who are accountable for customer satisfaction and ensure the highest industry standards of the service provided.

This value-added service has just begun its run in India, and one can expect to see it bloom in the coming years. Especially taking the industry’s constant emphasis on innovation into consideration.

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