6 Tips That Will Help You Become a Fashionista

In most cases, we are aware of the solution but we don’t bring it out, thinking about the consequences if it doesn’t go right. The same is the situation when it comes to fashion and beauty. To make things clear, we use to follow fashionistas and beauty experts and follow the tips that work well.

However, if you want to take a flying start like Claudia Garcia, you need to focus on details about styling and beauty. Whether you’re a school-going teenage girl or lady boss, we’ve gathered some most significant fashion tips that will surely come in handy for you. Are you ready? Let’s get started. 

Tip#1Determine Your Body Type

The first and foremost thing that all newbies in the fashion world should do is to determine their body type. It is the first step to success in fashion. It is the basics of fashion and every girl should take this advice seriously.

Tip#2Pick the Right Bra

Another significant step while getting started is the selection of a bra. Most girls ignore this step and then regret it later. So, for the perfect start, you should always select the bra that fits you well and is also good for your health.

Tip#3Invest in Trenchcoats and Jackets

Trenchcoats and jackets (Denim or leather) are the layers that can make any outfit stylish. To give yourself an impressive look every time while heading out, you should wear a trenchcoat or jacket as per the season and occasion. We suggest you keep a good collection of these items in your wardrobe.

Tip#4 Buy Pumps

Pumps are shoes that can fit any outfit. Pick the colors that suit your outfits but according to fashionistas, if you get stuck while picking the pumps colors, go for the red ones as it is the color that works perfectly on all types of outfits.

Tip#5 Make Your Styling Decent with Scarves

Like trenchcoats and jackets, you should also invest in scarves. Keep every time of scarves in your wardrobe, including cotton, chiffon, silk, cashmere, pashmina, velvet, linen, satin, and others you like. While heading out, pick the one that fits your outfit, occasion, and season.

Tip#6 Buy a Good Collection of Jeans

Another investment that every girl should make is in buying denim. From straight, skinny, tapered, boot cut, bootleg, flared, and baggy to cigarette, bell bottom, cargo fit, loose fit, highrise, lowrise, midrise, skimmer, and cropped, your wardrobe should have every type of jeans so that you don’t need to think what to wear while heading to the office, hangout, and family function.

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