Want to give your furniture a new look? Here you will find tips!

Are you refurbishing your old furniture? We give tips on how best to paint that pine cabinet or what color to paint your wooden furniture.

Refurbish your old furniture

Refurbishing old furniture is complete of this time again. With a little dexterity, you can turn your old furniture or nice discards, which you can buy somewhere cheap, into true showpieces that can last for years. Because just go to a shop for a coffee table, you pay a fortune for it. If you know how to refurbish old furniture, you can transform a piece of furniture in just a few hours. In this article, we already help you on your way.

Treat wooden furniture step by step

Wooden furniture is a beautiful eye-catcher in the interior. However, over time, the glory of the wooden furniture can wane. You can then easily give your wooden furniture back its shine by going through the following steps.

What is the furniture treated with?

Refurbishing wooden furniture often has a lot of value. Therefore, it is described here step by step. It is important to know beforehand what the wood has been treated with. Do this by applying a drop of white spirit to the furniture. When the drop makes the wood white, it means that your furniture has been treated with an oil or wax layer. All other cases concern paint, varnish or police.

Treating Furniture: Step 1 – Remove Old Layers

– Remove all locks and iron plates from the furniture.

– Remove an old wax layer with a wire brush.

– You remove benzene with wax remover.

– Remove old paint with a paint stripper and a brush. Then wait a while until you can scratch the old layer off with a scraper or knife.

– Remove a layer of lacquer with a sander if the layer is too stubborn.

– Make sure you go with the grain of the wood.

Treating furniture: Step 2 – Cleaning

– Once the old layers have been removed, you can clean the wood with water and ammonia or acetone (for oak, walnut, mahogany and beech).

– Make sure not to use too much water when cleaning!

Treating furniture: Step 3 – Waxing furniture

– Apply the wax with a soft brush or cloth.

– Use circular movements.

– With vulnerable wood it is necessary to apply several layers.

Treating furniture: Step 4 – Wax post-treatment

– Let the furniture dry overnight.

– Then wipe the furniture with a soft cloth.

Treating furniture: Step 5 – Oiling furniture

– You can also refurbish wooden furniture with an oil job; use teak or linseed oil for this.

– Apply the oil to a cloth and follow the grain of the wood.

– You can finish the oil layer with a layer of lacquer so that the furniture is more resistant to scratches.

Give furniture an antique effect

Antique furniture is charming and can be true eye-catchers in your interior. The disadvantage of such an antique piece is of course the price. But if you know the technique, you can affordably give both old and new furniture an antique look.

Give your closet an antique look

Faded colors, dents, paint that has peeled off; many people see this as an addition to the look of the furniture. Especially if you like brocade and antiques. The layers of lacquer, wax, and paint give the furniture its own character so that the piece of furniture comes to life. Much more character than a newly painted piece of furniture.  

Sanding paint with your furniture

But how do you get that special look? A common way is to apply various colors of paint and to sand the layers of paint. This is not too complicated and it makes for a beautiful piece of furniture. You can apply this in different ways: rough but also subtle. This often depends on the size of the furniture. You can approach a large cupboard more robustly than a smaller home accessory.

What color are you going to paint your closet?

What color are you going to use for your closet? Go for standard on white on a dark background. Frequently used (and very beautiful in a rural interior). But of course, more color combinations are possible. For example, more layers of paint (and colors) on top of each other, so you get the effect of a cabinet (or another piece of furniture) with multiple layers of paint. If you are going to sand through paint, it is best to use matte paint, for example, chalk paint is perfectly suitable for this. 

Refurbish your furniture with an old look

With different painting techniques, you can give your old furniture a nice makeover. So grab that old cupboard from the shed and get started with this tutorial that explains step by step how to get that beautiful weathered look. Living room sets 

Even with a little bit of white paint, you can give an old piece of furniture a beautiful brocade look. It is even more fun if you can also simulate the beautiful appearance of an old layer of wax and weathered paint. This can be easily achieved with various painting techniques.

Making furniture antique with candle wax

Candle wax is ideal for giving your furniture an antique look. The candle wax ensures that the first layer does not adhere well. This way you can easily add ‘antique’ accents to the furniture. Rub the furniture with drops of candle wax on the places where you want to sand.

What do you need?

– Brushes (suitable for acrylic paint)

– Dark-colored paint for the base coat

– Candle wax

– Paint for the topcoat (e.g. chalk paint)

– Sandpaper

Refurbishing Furniture: Preparing for Antique Making

Start at the beginning: prepare your furniture. Check whether an old wax layer is found on the furniture. This old wax layer can be easily removed with a wax remover or steel wool. Then dry the furniture well (you can still treat it with a degreasing agent). Then you will sand the furniture well. It is important to sand mainly in the grain direction. The wood must also be dust-free when you start painting.

Refurbish furniture.  Source: Maisondumonde

– Step 1: Make sure your piece of furniture is sanded and free of wax and grease.

– Step 2: Old furniture often contains several layers of paint. This ensures that different colors of paint come through the scuffs. Use two dark colors (e.g. green and brown) as a base coat. Do not apply the colors on top of each other. Then give the whole thing time to dry.

– Step 3: On the dark base layer, apply candle wax, where you want the worn spots. You do this with a good quality dinner candle. Make sure you don’t ‘draw’ too straight, too round or too many figures. Consider in advance where wear marks could actually arise with years of intensive use. Because the scuffs have to look real.

– Step 4: Now make the top layer with the light (chalk) paint and let it dry. This layer can be applied casually with a brush for a rustic effect. If desired, apply a second light coat.

– Step 5: Finally, you will sand through the places where the candle wax was previously applied. Because the grease repels the water-based paint, you can easily and easily control wear spots. Always sand with the grain. And the weathered piece of furniture is ready!

Refurbish furniture.  Source: Raw Materials

Even with a little bit of white paint, you can give an old piece of furniture a beautiful brocade look. It is even more fun if you can also simulate the beautiful appearance of an old layer of wax and weathered paint. This can be easily achieved with various painting techniques.

How do you know when new paint ‘grabs’ old paint?

Take a piece of tape, stick it on the paint and pull it off in one go. If the paint sticks to the piece of tape, the paint is bad and you will, unfortunately, have to remove the old paint. You don’t have to scrape off old paint that still looks good, but you do have to sand and degrease it.

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