Bank Indonesia Recommend Financial Services Digital in Sumedang

Bank Indonesia Recommend Financial Services Digital in Sumedang
Bank Indonesia introduced the Financial Services Digital (LKD) to the perpetrators of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and cooperatives in Sumedang, Saturday (11/28/2015).

LKD is a service payment system and financial services with the use of third party services as an agent and using technology.

“LKD is a non-cash services and facilitate the community, especially in areas that no bank. Due to the current hany bank in urban centers,” said Soekowardoyo, Deputy Chief Representative Jabar current BI LKD seminar and encourage efforts to strengthen the regional economy.

According to him, in Indonesia, only 36 percent of citizens who make access to the bank.

“Especially at this time the only bank in the city center alone while in the area and in the corners also requires a transaction,” he said.

With this, the LKD can be done even if the transaction does not have bank accounts.

“There should be no savings and no bank account number for transactions wearing a cell phone number,” he said.

As stipulated in Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 16/8 / PBI / 2014, LKD using electronic money products, namely media that can be used by the public for transactions, such as payments and transfers.

“To have electronic money, people have to register to the organizer through LKD agent. Value of electronic money equal to the value paid in advance,” said Tirta.

Mentioned, if the conduct in bank transactions, then there sedangkn working hours if using LKD lasts 24 hours in a day. “For example, electricity in the house died at night then to purchase electricity tokens wear LKD,” he said

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